Week 10: The Final Week

July 29 - August 4th
Week 10

It's so hard to say goodbye to a great place with great people and environment. Thursday was officially our last day at the NSF and it was really bittersweet! From all the goodbyes, cards, laughs and hugs this journey of our lives are over...... for now anyway (for some of us). Being able to work at the National Science Foundation has been an absolute blessing from the man above. Here, I have learn to be a better young man who will pursue his dreams no matter what happens in life. Also, being here I've learned the true meaning of having a mentor and having a big support system of people that will do anything to make sure you pursue your dreams. I will never forget these people or anything that they've taught me. I also will never forget Mr. Kendrick Pullen or Dr. Ivory Toldson. Without them none of this would be possible and I really am grateful for this experience.
My fellow QEM/NSF interns have been absolutely amazing. They have challenged me …

Week 9

July 22 - July 28
I’ll be the first to say ...... that I don’t want to go home! The DMV area has really grown on me. Coming into the last couple weeks of this amazing internship I’ve realized how much I value and appreciate everything and everybody here. This week I accomplished a lot of things for the first time and they were absolutely amazing. This week the all the great events didn’t kick off until Thursday. Thursday was the start of the TDIS group podcasts. The podcast consisted on different things that the individuals in the group felt important. I was able to sit in on two of them and they were very interesting. The vibes were present because the everybody really interacted will with one another and kept the smiles and conversations going. Then comes Friday! In the early afternoon, I made a trip to the National Air and Space Museum. It was very interesting, the history of the early mission to the sun and creations of the first spaceships. I will definitely have to g…

Week 7

July 8th- July 14th
Week 7
Another day…another dollar! Again, another successful week in the big DMV area. This week I did a couple interesting things work/professional related and it’s making me a better person by the minute. This week was jammed packed with professional development events as well as our midterm check-ins.
Monday, I attended a noSQL class that showed how to organize data in a table format without the actual use of SQL. It was very interesting, definitely something I would want to consider more to learn and actually use at a later time. I really enjoyed the experience which leads us into Tuesday. Tuesday was the big day, it was evaluation day! I must say, I had to make sure I had everything in tip-top shape so I could impress my coordinator with the great progress I’ve made over the seven weeks that we’ve been here. He was very impressed with my progress and it made me feel like the big man! It’s amazing how much I’ve grown since I’ve been here. It’s amazing and I …

Week 2

June 4-9
First Week at the National Science Foundation
This week was a wonderful week! This week we started at the National Science Foundation, and I must say it was a life changing experience already. So far, it has opened my eyes to how the real big corporate jobs operate on a day to day basis. I work in the Division of Computer and Network Systems, and I must say that I have a great team behind me, not even with just QEM but with my division as well! Also, throughout this week was the first time I've got a while just enjoy the wonderful things they have in the DC area.
At work, my job is to make a contact full if contacts to invite to the NSF I-Corps Conference in the upcoming fall semester. Working on it was a challenge, but just because things get heavy doesn't mean to give up, it makes you work harder and until that day is task was done. And here great employees are found and risen everyday and I became one of those students on Monday! My mentor is great, and …

Week 8

July 15th – July 21st
Week 8
Another week passes while being a great summer scholar! This week has been a very eventful week; it’s been filled with visits to places only a person in the DC area would understand. Those events include NIST, the White House and a social meet-up titled “Engineers On The Move”.
            Monday, I was fortunate enough to have a tour on the NIST campus. NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and I must say that it was a great experience and a even better see of how things science related comes together and plays a big part in the world in our everyday lives. NIST is the one of the biggest government science institutions on this side of the US.
            Wednesday, however, we got a chance to visit the east wing of the White House! I was very excited to actually have a real life chance in engaging in that type of experience. It was defientatly a great experience because I had a chance to take a look at all of the differe…

Week 6

July 1st - July 7th
Week 6

Hello again, 
Words to describe this week are absolutely indescribable! This week has been a great week in all aspects. This week was the week of Independence Day and that set the tone for the entire week. Monday we visited Capital Hill and was given the grand tour of the building and its assets. It was very educational and interesting. Just the Capital Hill along taught me so much more than I ever imagined. I learned everything from how people were treated to how well/poor the most important people in history lived. Tuesday, we had an excellent staff meeting where we talked about how the different universities should be informed better about the open opportunities that the NSF provides to everyone. Then, it was July 4th; the most rewarding day out of the year! The fourth was great, we were invited to Dr. Toldson house for great barbecue and fellowship. The view of the fireworks were absolutely amazing! His neighbors had a better show than the capital, haha…

Week 5

June 25 - June 30 Week 5
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Boy, this week has been a complete eyeopener for me. This week we have started to see exactly what the DMV area has to offer. Monday we attended an open mic night in DC and it was absolutely amazing! It consisted of poems, comedy, singing, and whatever else people had to offer. Personally, it was my first time attending something like that, and I must say I defiantly will be back for more while I’m here in the area. I must give a shout out to my fellow intern Fabienne with her personal poem; I feel it was the best one out of the whole night! She really put a lot into it and it defiantly paid off where it mattered most. Also this week, the Computer Science interns attended a cyber security conference sponsored by the Federalist Society. It was very informative because they explained how each company uses the resources to keep their businesses secured from attackers. And top the week off, I attended the Folkfest Festival at the National Mall. It was …